I re-discovered a passion for hand weaving in 2010. Making cloth is satisfying as a tactile and productive craft pursuit, but also intellectually, metaphorically and spiritually meaningful. I love to wear, use, and give my cloth. Paul and I have furnished a weaving studio with traditional Swedish looms, and I choose high quality, eco-friendly yarns and threads. I dream of creating a line of unique scarves and table linens for show and sale. I published a book of designs for cotton and linen towels, because a true weaver wants everyone to play with string! ~ Carol



The Photographs on these pages are taken since 2002 and are what I consider to be current. Current in the sense that the memories of the last ten years are more current than the memories of the previous ten years, which are more current than the not quite forty years before that. We all have dreams that are so vivid as to make us wonder what is real, and the Holga toy cameras help me create that illusion. I use photography as an aid to memory, sometimes of things that do exist, and sometime the photography is to create an illusion of reality. ~ Paul



The works on paper are layered with Paul’s photographs, and Carol’s collection of textiles, ephemera, beads and found materials. We like to work in series. Bridges, roadside architecture, gardens, and ruins are themes we both return to. We also go back for certain kinds of chocolates, collecting the foils they are wrapped in. The energy and connotation in the bits of cloth, old buttons and beads, connects with the visual memory in Paul’s photographs. Experiences and memories are layered, and they never belong only to us. Even Paul’s memories of a place we visited together are not the same as mine. ~ Carol & Paul

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